Our Future

It took many years to build and open the eight single-bedroom permanent affordable rental supportive apartments for our Disabled and Displaced Honorably Discharged Disabled and Homeless Veterans, which we have successfully operated and managed for over two years. Our success as made possible in part because of the contributions of money by so many, a partial list of whom is on our Benefactors Page, and by an on-site team of volunteer Veterans. We are both successful and free of debt.

So we are moving into the future, which is very very dark. Our Nation’s longest war is not likely to end soon and while there is wonderful progress in lowering the number of Homeless Veterans, our job is not done. Ergo, we have a vision of adding more living units, maybe some with more than one-bedroom for families [Veterans with children] and with the goal of reaching out much more aggressively to Women Veterans. Plus we wish to make room on our site for one of the very few approved other uses of the property by law, the Rockland Hi Tor Animal Shelter. There is a strip of the parcel along the railroad tracks that we do not want to build on, but is perfect for a sound-proof animal shelter.

This could lead to on-site employment of our resident Veterans and, hopefully, the creation of a operation for training "Service Dogs", which have proven very effective therapy resources. It would also help us to reach compliance with the recent Olmstead Supreme Court decision vis a vis the maximum/optimum integration of people with “Special Needs” into non-certified/mixed-use employment and residence venues.

To make this all come true we are asking our Federal Government to convert our Lease into a Deed, one that binds us to the all caveats/conditions of the Federal Law by which we secured the Lease.


The Veteran population we will serve upon the completion of the Phase II additions:
Dutchess  17,574
Orange   22,234 
Putnam 4,634
Rockland 10,014
Sullivan 4,733
Westchester 31,164
The current number of specifically identified homeless Veterans awaiting service: 
Dutchess 10
Orange 21
Putnam ?
Rockland 1
Westchester 181


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